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    Hello, I've been using the Key2 for a year now, but due to the cumbersome Armenian keyboard I am having issues talking with associates from Yerevan.

    I contacted BB App Support and have provided them with the layout that is present on Unix systems (Armenian HM QWERTY) and could easily work on the Key2 (judging by the Russian layout on the Key 2)

    As I am not sure that BB will ever get back to me on that (though they've said that they have advanced this to the engineers) I was hoping to find someone on the forum that would be willing to edit the XML file for the BBKeyboard app so it has the proper Armenian keyboard.

    I have tried unpacking the .apk and doing it myself, but my lack of XML knowledge has made it very difficult.

    As I mentioned in the title, this would obviously be a paid thing as I'm sure it's a hassle to edit the XML and this is a major issue for me with the Key2, which I want to keep using.


    P.S. I've attached an edited screenshot of an Android keyboard (with the BB layout, including the $ key) that shows the Unix version of the Armenian keyboard that I need. A double click on a key should be able to bring up the secondary letter (as in the working Russian keyboard on the Key2)

    Paid XML help/editing? (Keyboard)-2.png

    P.P.S I probably posted this in the wrong place before, so apologies for that
    Last edited by tigsberg; 11-01-19 at 09:43 AM. Reason: Needed screenshot of the keyboard
    11-01-19 08:14 AM
  2. tigsberg's Avatar
    Just in case, I have tried bypassing this issue by creating my own Symbols Keyboard, but for some reason it doesn't allow to symbols per key and it's still a pain to type this way.

    I know someone can do this after reading a thread a year ago on here. The person on here said he just changed the XML files, but after that they just disappeared and didn't respond to anyone.

    Paid XML help/editing? (Keyboard)-screenshot_20191102-122708.jpg
    11-02-19 08:31 AM

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