1. ksg_87's Avatar
    Based on discussions i have with colleagues and friends, the battle for the most productive business smartphone comes down to the Note series and blackberry devices (Note 9 and Key2 at the moment).

    Iphones can be consideres if a firm or individual is heavily invested in apple hardware and ecosystem.

    But coming back to the androod battle. What is more productive in your opinion? S pen vs pkb? S pen software functions vs pkb shortcuts? Knox vs BB Dtek and other security features?
    09-07-18 06:57 AM
  2. eckl's Avatar
    what kind of answers you are expecting from the pkb fanatics?
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    09-07-18 07:15 AM
  3. bsommerhalder's Avatar
    I've never used an S pen, but this thread has some insights that could be useful to you:

    09-07-18 07:16 AM
  4. chain13's Avatar
    Is this comparison even possible in the first place?
    09-07-18 07:34 AM
  5. Mamaluka's Avatar
    I've had every note except for the Note 1 and Note 7 and 9. I can say that I only used the S-Pen to photoshop or fill out PDF forms. the rest of the time it sat in its hole, bored out of its mind. I don't photoshop with my Key2 and if I have to fill out or sign a PDF form, I guess I'll try using my finger or grab my Note 8 and bang it out. but I'll go right back to my Key2 after I'm done.
    only reason I keep my Note 8 is because I need Verizon in the NYC area for phone calls while mobile. T-Mobile is no comparison to Verizon when it comes to mobile reception while actually being mobile.
    09-07-18 03:12 PM
  6. destiny.seeker's Avatar
    note series have been my favorite along side BlackBerry for past 10 years. I also had all note series but 8 and 9. note 7 was returned for battery issue, and did not go back to note series after that.

    From my experience, note series has its own unique pros comparing to BlackBerry phones. better camera, big *** screen, and s+pen combination does make all documents work so much easier. for the same reason, BlackBerry Passport was my dream phone. (wide screen +pkb)

    I really wish BlackBerry release passport like key3 next year with at least same level of s8+ camera .(it is my minimum requirement for good enough camera to be used for business reasons) or... I will seriously consider getting note 10 next year for myself.

    I chose key2 this year over note9 since I decided to keep my old s8+ for its screen and camera. and I am OK with these 2 phone combo for my needs now. I might chose note9 over key2 if I didn't have big screen phone(with a nice camera) to keep though.
    09-07-18 03:25 PM
  7. bqik's Avatar
    you should try a Note8 with the PKB case and Blackberry HUB.

    the PKB of the Note8 case is awesome.
    09-07-18 04:36 PM

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