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    My new KEY2 (black dual-sim) arrives tomorrow to replace my loved but failing PRIV. Long-term BB (PKB) fan & user (6th phone) but not massively clued up on techie matters. I love reading all the expertise on these forums (much of which goes over my head). I don't even know if you still have to charge a new phone/battery for 24 hours like in the old days! So, I wondered if any of you regulars coiuld post some cool set-up/start-up tips for the new phone, so from day 1 I give it the best chance of wearing well. Thanks!
    01-29-20 03:22 PM
  2. Zebra 99's Avatar
    Check and avoid India one.
    Key2 support quick charging and don’t need charge overnight as old phone do.
    Others, as normal Android phone.
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    01-30-20 07:06 AM
  3. BBuso77's Avatar
    search for a thread "first things to do with a key2 "
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    01-30-20 07:32 AM

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