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    I bought a Key2 from the secondary market and it has the issue with the space bar. Do I have any options on a warranty repair? If no, where can I find another keyboard to replace it. Thanks

    06-09-21 06:06 PM
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    I bought a Key2 from the secondary market and it has the issue with the space bar. Do I have any options on a warranty repair? If no, where can I find another keyboard to replace it. Thanks

    Who did you buy it from? Where are you located?

    Here are some tips to try:

    1. Force stop and clear the cache for the BB keyboard app. You'll need to go to the settings where you see all the apps and then hit the three dots at the top and then "show system" to see it in the list.
    2. Try installing SwiftKey and see if that helps.
    3. Try using it without any keyboard app (meaning BB keyboard disabled and SwiftKey uninstalled)
    4. Try disabling "double press spacebar to insert a period" in the BB keyboard settings.
    5. Take a can of compressed air and really try to spray air in there going from the sides or from the top or bottom to try to clear some dust out of there.
    6. Try typing a bit slower to see if that helps
    7. Try hitting the right side of the spacebar as opposed to the center or the left. Right should work better.
    8. Factory reset
    9. Replace the keyboard, there are new ones on eBay and AliExpress
    06-09-21 06:32 PM
  3. abalourdos59's Avatar
    Thank you! I will give it a try.
    06-13-21 05:58 PM
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    Here is how I fixed the spacebar issue on my Blackberry Key2 LE. I ordered a "new" keyboard online (appeared to be used). I installed it and the the spacebar issue did not resolve. I then cleaned the ribbon connection terminals on the back of the keyboard and the ribbon connector end with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol using a cotton applicator. I also pried open the keyboard and cleaned the silicon layer between the keys and the small micro-switches under each key. The problem was fixed and the spacebar appears to be functioning normally now. Installation of a new keyboard must be done carefully and is not for the faint of heart. Make sure you have the proper tools many of which are sold online 1) Pry off the plastic strip (held with glue) just below the keyboard which exposes two screw heads which must be removed. 2). Carefully pry off the back of the phone 3). Removed the screws securing the large silver plate and gently pry it upward exposing the battery 4). Remove the screws securing the component on the rear of the keyboard on the bottom of the phone 5) remove that component exposing two more keyboard screws. 6). Remove these screws and then gently pry up the ribbon connector (small silver rectangle to your left as you face the rear of the phone) on the back of the keyboard 7) Remove the keyboard by pressing it out from the rear and gently prying it up from the front 8) once the keyboard has been removed, the ribbon cable connectors and silicon keyboard insert can be cleaned as described above. Alternatively you can just leave your existing keyboard in place and try cleaning the ribbon terminals as described above. If this works, then you can save your replacement keyboard that you may have purchased as a spare. Although the spacebar issue appears to be "mechanical" it is likely an electrical issue involving the microscopic contamination of connectors which then develop enough resistance to impede conduction in these microcircuits. Hence the intermittent spacebar functionality.Key2.spacebar.not.working.-bb-key2-le-keyboard.jpg

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