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    I purchased a Key2 2 weeks ago (to be clear, it's an LE but due to the much higher volume of posts here I am posting this here because it might relevant, given the shared components amongst the phones) and I have been having an odd problem with it that I can't sort out. It mostly happens if I am using the phone while it is plugged in and charging (ie. while it is plugged in and I am using it at the same time). The phone effectively thinks I have pressed the "open apps" (ie. square) button - meaning the square button above the keyboard and below the screen on the right side of the 3 icons in that row. It reacts as if I have pressed that button when I definitely have NOT done so. My fingers can be nowhere near that square (ie. I can be holding and reading some news) and switches to the screen that shows all of the open apps. Most of the time it just switches to that screen and I have to tap on the app I was just on to get back into it but sometimes it will switch back to it quickly (as if I pressed the square twice) and sometime it will switch to a different app (as if I touched that app to go to it on the switcher screen). This also happens once in a while if the phone is plugged in and just sitting on a table charging. It almost never happens if the phone is NOT plugged in but it happens once in a while when not plugged in.

    Does this sounds familiar to anyone? It's just so odd that it's mostly happening when it's plugged in. Maybe a grounding issue? Maybe a hardware defect with the square button that is exacerbated when it's plugged in?

    I can do a return/exchange but I am hesitate to do that if there's an easy fix, as the phone is pretty much flawless aside from that and I am afraid to swap it and have a different issue with a new phone (ie. reception not as good, volume not as good, keys not as good, etc). I am debating living with it and just unplugging it while I am using it but it would be better if I could sort out how to make it stop.

    For the record I have tried 2 different OEM wall charger with it and both have the same effect. I have NOT tried a 3rd party wall charger to see if that makes a difference (I will probably try that as a next step). Is there any chance there is a battery/charging setting that could be causing this problem that I can toggle or something else?

    Thanks very much!
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    05-08-19 11:37 PM
  2. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    if you're in warranty, use this opportunity to get a new one.
    05-08-19 11:43 PM
  3. yybenedb's Avatar
    do you perhaps have a screen protector that is not cut out over the square?
    05-09-19 09:13 AM
  4. jeremyr4's Avatar
    do you perhaps have a screen protector that is not cut out over the square?
    Thanks for the suggestion but no - I don't have a screen protector on it. It's how it came out of the box with no screen protector, no case, truly nothing added or done...
    05-09-19 01:20 PM
  5. IceCreamPlz's Avatar
    in the US, many device sales channels have a 14 day BRE (Buyer's Remorse Return & Exchange) period.

    During the BRE period, it is often significantly easier to do a return/exchange, especially for a defective device.

    If your 14 days are not yet up, you should be looking into getting a device that works rather than trying to resuscitate a device on the fritz.
    05-09-19 01:25 PM
  6. jeremyr4's Avatar
    I purchased my phone from Amazon and I am still in the return period. I just didn't want to assume it is on the fritz if perhaps there a software option or other quick fix that could resolved this, given how well the rest of it is working!!!
    05-09-19 07:44 PM

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