1. frontier1958's Avatar
    I bought the Key2 10 days ago and am generally very pleased. I hope to post an extensive report with pros and cons in the near future.

    For now, there is one shortcoming I need to address. When on the phone and another call comes in, there is no ability to answer it while simultaneously hanging up on the first call. On my DTEK50, which I gave up for the Key2, it had this feature. According to BB's tech support line, they discontinued this feature. Does anyone know of an app or work around for this?
    10-13-18 08:24 AM
  2. sorgo's Avatar
    What network are you on? It works fine on my key2 (us unlocked on t-mobile)
    10-13-18 09:15 AM
  3. kristofszucs's Avatar
    its working on mine like a charm. call writing is a network feature some operators are not allowing this so you have to call up the voicemail. you rótta check it in you phone settings-calling accounts-sim-additional settings. if your network allows you can turn it on
    10-13-18 03:05 PM
  4. scrannel's Avatar
    I'm on T-Mo with a Motion running Oreo. Was getting a network error, would not allow me to select. But once I shut off wifi and went on cell/data it allowed. Strange though.
    10-13-18 08:00 PM
  5. TheBond's Avatar
    It should already be there if your network providers allows it. Since it was working before on Dtek, then I assume your network has the offering.

    Open Phone > Settings (from three dots) > Calling accounts > Select Sim (with your Telco name) > Additional settings
    Here you should find the Call Waiting option. Make sure it's enabled. Mine looks like this
    10-13-18 08:05 PM
  6. frontier1958's Avatar
    I appreciate TREMENDOUSLY all these quick replies. I have to go out of town tomorrow but will check on all the issues suggested on Monday. For what I know at the moment, I use a small independent phone carrier that does 23 counties in West Texas, a very rural area. When leaving their home area, you are roaming on either AT&T or T-Mobile, depending on which SIM card they put in. I'll know that Monday. As far as the screen shot above, mine is similar, but not quite that. My call waiting is definitely activated, because it works. My problem is the inability to swipe during an incomng call to answer the new one while hanging up on the old one. BB tech support (I'm amazed they answer the calls from me after only pushing one button - very impressive) tells me that feature is not available on the K2. More specifically, they blame the latest version of Oreo. I'm going to digest all the comments above, check into it Monday and report back. Many thanks to y'all for helping me here.
    10-13-18 10:50 PM
  7. frontier1958's Avatar
    I checked my SIM and I roam on T-Mobile, once I leave my local area. My local provider says that the feature I want is not provided by the K2. BB themselves confirmed this. Any further ideas?
    10-16-18 02:53 PM

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