01-12-19 02:03 AM
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    Ok so I have not bought a key2 - yet. But I have to ask myself: Why spend 650 euro or over CAD 850 with tax on a phone "sight unseen" ? I mean I live in Italy but finding a Key2 to view and touch is almost impossible. I was just in Paris and it was the same problem. I was in Canada where yes some OEMs have a model on display but very few retail outlets. How can a phone be successfully marketed in this way? By contrast one can find apple stores everywhere, and Samsung phones at all major outlets. Same for Huawei and now also Oppo, LG, Sony, 1+ and even Nokia is back. Even at airport stores I don't see BlackBerry/TCL phones anymore. Seeing and touching a phone is critical.
    I fully understand that. But meanwhile the phone can be found for quite less €€€ now, down to under 500 € - the level it should have been from the outset. And if you buy at online outlets such as Amazon you may return if you do not like it.
    01-12-19 02:03 AM
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