1. ivanoi's Avatar
    Like many, I switched from Samsung S9 where the secure folder was severely more useful.

    I could set up a completely different identify and playstore account, cloud backup, email etc, and did not risk anyone guessing the contents. Now if i go on the playstore, and select an app which is in the locker it will just ask for the fingerprint and acknowledge the app is present.

    Also i use to keep secure contact details in the secure folder (vvip and others) which now i have to merge with main identity if i wish to access.

    Has anyone found workarounds? I tried parallel (whatsapp is 64bits and doesnt work) and double space (numerous apps do not work properly especially with a facebook/google login). I just wish to keep the content of my locker completely separate.... back up to a different cloud, separate contacts, etc...

    I love my key2, especially the battery but if security is the key aspect i might be forced to move back to my samsung S9
    07-28-18 12:24 AM
  2. Jake2826's Avatar
    Look up an app called "Island" on Google Play. See if you are able to download it. It's listed as a beta or early access. It essentially opens up the Android for Work part of the OS that will allow you to create a 2nd profile and allow you two versions of the same app running and other cool stuff. Be advised that I have NOT tested it on BlackBerry android and therefore cannot tell you how it will run.

    Posted via CB10
    07-28-18 01:43 PM

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