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    Using Blackberry Hub (v1.6.2.16353) on KEY2 (BBF100-2) Build ABI067, I can't seem to locate the LED color notification option - they used to be in Hub > Settings > Accounts > Notification settings, but no longer. Strangely, I have LED notification colors already set but cannot change them.

    According the BB Mobile tech support:

    On the most recent updates they have changed these settings, we will have to set the rule in order for us to change the LED lights.
    To turn on the LED light you have to create a Rule for the led light.
    Please follow these steps for the Hub:
    -Launch BlackBerry Hub.
    -Swipe from the far left to the right to pull out the side menu.
    -Tap the Settings option at the bottom left.
    -Near the top tap the Custom Alerts option.
    -Here you can press + Add Rule to begin creating an alert.
    -Set a Rule Name to distinguish different alerts Example: Work or Family.
    -Set up the rule to apply to a specific email account(s).
    -Once the rule is setup tap Next at the top right.
    -Under your new rule tap LED notification color.
    -Select a color from the pop-up menu and press Ok.
    -When done hit Save this will add your new rule and custom alert.

    The calendar doesn't have the option, I would suggest downloading a third party app that will allow you to manage the colors.
    What's most disappointing is no more LED color control on Calendar. Really!?!?
    12-06-18 12:21 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Strangely, I have LED notification colors already set but cannot change them.
    You have to delete and reset back up in order to change them. It's because of changes Google made. - https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...-read-1160056/
    12-06-18 12:33 PM
  3. trombetta's Avatar
    OK. Got the Hub notification changes. How do we set the LED color control for calendar events?
    12-06-18 02:09 PM

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