1. ch900027's Avatar
    Just a quick question. How does the dual lens of the Key2 really work? When I cover one of the lenses with my finger, the 2X zoom still works, and the portrait mode still works. Just want to know... thanks
    08-07-18 10:07 PM
  2. guizmox's Avatar
    The Telephoto sensor has 2 usages :
    - Portrait Mode : It captures a depth map of the picture. The photo you'll see from that mode is coming from the main sensor with a digital zoom applied on it, and the bokeh effect is basically a gaussian blur applied all around the "in-focus" subject with the help of the depth map collected from the Telephoto sensor.
    - Photo : Automatic Mode : If you tap the small "2x" button , you may have a chance to trigger the 2nd camera, but only if the lighning conditions are excellent. That camera has far less sensibility that the main one (aperture, sensor). If the scene you want to shoot has not enough light, the application will switch to the main camera (and apply a 2x digital zoom instead)
    08-07-18 11:36 PM
  3. ch900027's Avatar
    Now I know... thanks!
    08-08-18 12:53 AM

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