1. mdesnoyer's Avatar
    I have connect my KEY2 via USB to Windows 10 PC in file transfer mode and it is very slow. Are there settings that control this or is there a better way to transfer files?
    05-26-20 01:20 PM
  2. wmatsura's Avatar
    Well, it can be a number of things, from the USB cable you're using to some kind of setting either on the PC or K2.

    From the top of my head, if you have a SD card on your K2 and you're trying to transfer those files to it, check for the speed it supports, some older ones have low writing speed.

    Alternatively, you can try transferring files using bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, some transfer app or uploading to the cloud, depending on how many files and their size.
    05-26-20 07:16 PM
  3. surgeon1919's Avatar
    What do you mean by slow?

    Have you connected the Key2 to a USB 3.0 port on your computer?

    If I want to transfer from my computer I either use Portal Pushbullet or a USB C to USB memory stick.

    From my phone to my computer, USB C to USB memory stick.
    05-26-20 11:32 PM
  4. sandrokhizani's Avatar
    I'm facing the same issue. I recently replaced my X1 Thinkpad with Surface Pro 7. USB connection on Thinkpad was fast and without any problems. Once I connected my Key 2 with SD card in it to new Surface it turned into a showstopper. Just to read a content of the drives File Explorer takes several minutes. Tried almost everything - USB driver updates, installing BB USB driver 02/03 both, connecting to both Type-C and USB 3 ports, USB selective suspend on mu Windows 10 etc., nothing, absolutely nothing.
    07-04-20 01:50 PM

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