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  1. conbrio29's Avatar
    I made an interesting discovery yesterday about the KEY2 spacebar, and forgive me if this is old news: the higher pitched spacebar click is also present in the virtual keyboard! This reinforces the higher pitched click as being a definite deliberate move by BlackBerry Mobile. Open up the virtual keyboard and take note that the spacebar sound is slightly higher than the rest of the virtual keys.

    This begs the question then: why make the feedback click of the spacebar different than for the rest of the keys? The obvious answer I guess would be to make it more discernible when typing and not necessary to have to look at the keyboard to know you've hit the spacebar. The BlackBerry devices are very good in that of all the physical keyboards I've used (Bold 9700, Passport, Classic, KEYone, KEY2), I've found myself mostly just looking at the screen as words appear, instead of staring at the keyboard to make sure I hit the right keys.

    I think part of the reason physical keyboards still exist on smartphones is that the preference for them is still there. People like that physical feedback, so why not make the feedback in the form of not just touch, but also of sound? As an aside, in the office I work at, when people are typing on their desktop computers, I'm more attentive to the sound of their typing and I definitely do notice that the sound of the spacebar being depressed on a standard keyboard is often quite distinguishable.

    I just wanted to share these thoughts with the CrackBerry community as I know there are people that really don't like the spacebar sounding different than the rest of the keys. I remember reading though that BlackBerry Mobile wanted to make the KEY2 more accessible to first time physical keyboard users and so the extra spacebar feedback is probably evidence of that. See this article:

    If I do have a suggestion for improvement of the KEY2 physical keyboard, it would be that I'd like:
    -more aggressive sculpting of the keys like on the Classic
    -a bit more of a click sound to each keypress, again like on the Classic
    Otherwise, I really do enjoy typing on my new KEY2! (And in case anyone's wondering, my spacebar finally now has zero wobble, unlike previous units I've had to return.)
    12-23-18 02:38 PM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    Man, whether it's intentional or not, it's a terrible idea.

    They should build all spacebars for upcoming devices based on the KEYone and LE
    12-23-18 10:49 PM

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