1. Thalakar's Avatar
    Hi there. I just got my KEY2 here and didn't see a board just the APAC one so I thought why not start it and give some useful tidbits to people.

    - The units are popping up in the gray markets. So this is like Greenhills, Kimstore, Hot Gadgets, generally these are non blackberry related vendors that sell the phones independent and offer their own internal warranties.

    - A grey market phone is a risk. The warranties are usually a few days replacement and then service warranty from anywhere from 3-12 months. (So after 3 days YOU would pay for any parts if required) Though not sure if you would ever really want to have your phone serviced by someone who might never have seen a Key 1, let alone a Key 2.

    - I bought my unit, a silver dual-sim BBF100-6 model from Hot Gadgets. I had sold one of my keyones and decided to just go for it since my "other" key one decided to break it's ribbon. I have 3 days to determine if the phone has any issues and they would exchange it. If you get the phone study it like science experiment because since Blackberry Mobile refuses to support any phones purchased in this way, you are your own if something goes wrong. (I have bought 5-6 phones like this and have had a few issues but nothing too serious within the first year except the Key 1 screen.)

    - Another challenge with "all" of these grey market phones is that the all generally have poor communication and organization and you will have to harass them to even get them to pay attention to you. They will miss/ignore texts, they will forget who they texted and they will erase texts. Don't take it too personally as there are multiple people "manning" the text phones and there will be always confusion.

    - You need to weigh badly you want the phone versus ordering it from overseas and waiting for it and paying duty, etc. That's the reality of a niche phone in an unsupported market.

    - The unit I have had now for a day and it is so far flawless. It is way smoother than the key 1 and feels way more VIP. Silver looks great and my unit has a clicky but no wobble spacebar.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to light up the thread with any thoughts or comments or whatever.

    07-24-18 09:35 PM
  2. ch900027's Avatar
    Great advice and very comprehensive guide!

    Got my Key2 Silver last July 15 from a shop in Greenhills. Everything's good, so far. I sold my Passport SE and Classic, no regrets. Enjoying my Key2.
    07-27-18 08:23 AM
  3. dejsarted's Avatar
    Got mine from Greenhills, AJT gadgets. So far I am very happy with key2.
    07-27-18 11:30 AM
  4. darkbull's Avatar
    thanks for the information. i'm waiting for the 128 GB dual sim version to pop up. I don't know why it takes them soooooo looonnng to release each iteration
    08-08-18 12:07 PM

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