1. anon(765796)'s Avatar
    Hi All,

    Last week I bought a BB Motion and found out it had Microphone issue during video calls (on Skype and WhatsApp) and also in phone calls in speaker mode (I tried setting voicemail in speaker mode). So I returned the phone (but lost few quid in this).

    Now I am interested in Key2 but I can see lot of owners already complaining about it here. Can someone suggest is it really bad idea to purchase a BB Mobile hardware at this time (I am not interested in LE version due to lack of keyboard scrolling function).

    Are there any Key2 owners who don't have this issue and has anyone successfully got it repaired under warranty from BB mobile/Retailer? (I am looking to buy in UK)
    01-10-19 03:35 AM
  2. The_Professor's Avatar
    I had some issues with the mic not being loud enough when using fb messenger but it has been sorted with the updates. Its not a loud mic but it works
    01-10-19 03:46 AM
  3. anon(765796)'s Avatar
    Got my key2. all good
    01-14-19 08:38 AM

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