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  1. quizm's Avatar
    I was trying out the key2 keyboard. But I can't see the alt key letters well. Is this normal? I use them a lot.
    Last edited by quizm; 01-16-19 at 09:31 AM.
    01-16-19 08:48 AM
  2. jon9999's Avatar
    What do you mean by you "can't see the alt key letters well"? Do you mean that the physical labels on the keys are too small for you to read?
    01-16-19 01:04 PM
  3. Crusader03's Avatar
    I believe he means they are too dark and difficult to identify under less than perfect lighting conditions, and I fully agree, poor design.
    01-16-19 02:55 PM
  4. jon9999's Avatar
    I agree that the font used on the physical keys for the symbols is too small. I guess the OP was thinking that he/she might have gotten a defective unit. The answer is no, they're all that way. I suppose the answer is that it's "normal," but it's not "well designed."
    Last edited by jon9999; 01-17-19 at 12:03 AM.
    01-16-19 03:36 PM

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