1. kristofszucs's Avatar

    maybe somebody else has the same...

    So previously I was an iphone user, but since 2014 all I use is BB. I have all my mail calendar contacts in icloud and dont really want to change that since I use mac computers.
    My problems started with Key1
    I added icloud as a hub account to sync mail, calendar and contacts. (even created a device specific password).
    It syncs all and all is working UNTIL one minute for another all my contacts are gone. Not from the cloud just from the phone. I turn the sync on and off but nothing happens. The only solution is completely remove the icloud account from HUB and re-add it. This solves the problem (of course I have add again my favorite numbers, my email signature, etc). It works a while (sometimes for weeks sometimes for hours) and then again out of the blue it happens again.
    I have been using KEY2 for more than4 months now, and until yesterday it was OK, but then it started.
    There are several problems with this
    1- for starters why on earth would this happen
    2. when it happens, somehow my phone (the phone app and not the contacts) remembers the old names and when I re-add the account everything is in double
    3- it is most inconvenient

    Does any of you experienced the same problem?

    thank you
    11-07-18 04:48 PM
  2. jfalkingham's Avatar
    It can be wonky! Once I set an app password on appleid.apple.com and setup a blackberry hub account via BlackBerry Hub services app it works great.

    Make sure you check settings / accounts in Android to ensure you do not already have icloud account there. The. Delete icloud from BlackBerry Hub services app and add it via this app. Now you can check contacts, hub, calendar and it should be good to go.

    Sometimes the dupes could be your Google account and icloud account showing up in contacts as Google syncs all to Gmail by default.
    11-08-18 04:15 PM
  3. kristofszucs's Avatar
    Thank you
    I think I have found a temporary solution. I delete whatsapp from the accounts, and problem solved. Whatsapp still works (even the clone app) there are no duplicates in the phone app. The only problem is that for reasons unknown to me, sometimes whatsapp finds its ways back to the accounts without me adding it manually. It just appears there...
    11-10-18 03:57 PM

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