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  1. lezion's Avatar
    Hi everybody, I wanted to share with you my though relationship with my BlackBerry key2. I switch from galaxy note 8, and at the beginning it was great, oh boy that keyboard is fantastic. Just recently problem started with the display. White horizontal faint lines appeared all over the panel.

    So I have sent the phone to be repaired on warranty, and it came back without the lines but now with the massive bleed up the top. Also I have noticed that display flickers when something bright appears on the screen. I was fine with it until yesterday, white faint lines appeared again this time at the top of the screen. Should they replace the whole motherboard?
    Attached Thumbnails KEY2 display not working properly.-imgp5362-2305843009219233282-.jpg  
    08-09-19 02:58 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Should they replace the whole motherboard?
    I dunno about the Motherboard but they def. should be replacing the display again at the very least.
    08-09-19 01:57 PM
  3. lezion's Avatar
    But It must be something wrong deeper when second screen breaks exactly the same way. Unless their displays QA is really terrible.
    08-10-19 01:47 AM

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