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    I've been trying to get the custom LED notifications back on board and have had success with LED blinker pro - link here:

    But I've also got the LED and custom sounds to work with custom notifications in the Inbox settings. (man some of this stuff is hidden!)

    A couple of questions:
    Why can i only choose the LED color the first time I set up a custom notification? Once you save that contact's notification "rule" you can no longer edit the color. It doesn't even appear as an option in the menu anymore. I just love menus that change and hide things (not!)

    Why don't the custom notification always show up in the settings/apps_and_notifications/notifications/notifications_for_x_number_of_apps/inbox/list of custom notifications? Some are there but not all. That seems pretty buggy.

    How do I force these custom notifications to run when in do not disturb mode? I've altered priorities and starred those contacts but no luck yet.

    Why does the notification LED give blinks for non special incoming emails in what seems a random color. Sometimes its blue and sometimes white. And where did red go? Wasn't that the default "you've got mail" color? Is that something that, once set, can't be altered ever again too?
    08-29-19 01:47 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    All of this can be summed up to: Google changed how apps can access and implement LED notifications. - https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/1...-requirements/

    Sadly Android 8 when google introduced notification channels they totally changed how notifications are created. From Android 8 onwards an app has to decide upfront what color a notification led is going to be and which sound/vibration it'll use.
    ^^ Why you can't change them after being set and why the options disappear.
    08-29-19 03:22 PM
  3. blackshark's Avatar
    Actually I've now found that I can change the color on some of the contacts. On others, that menu option remains hidden. But to get to that option on those troublesome ones, just edit the name of the custom notification and suddenly you will have that color option back in the "next" menus.
    Very inconsistent!
    I wonder how many of these new "features" we're fighting with are designed to be the way they are, and how many of them are just bad coding?

    In the end this color coding for specific contacts does work (no third party software needed). With one exception: I can't get it to run when the phone is in DND mode - even when those contacts are starred or grouped in special "get through no matter what" settings. I really liked this feature because I could block out all unwanted ringing and notifications when I was busy and only those that needed to get through could by winking a color at me.
    08-30-19 11:11 AM
  4. AlKa's Avatar
    "But I've also got the LED and custom sounds to work with custom notifications in the Inbox settings. (man some of this stuff is hidden!)"
    I am also interested in setting custom notifications for individual contacts. Would you mind sharing how you did this with the Inbox settings?
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    08-30-19 10:34 PM
  5. blackshark's Avatar
    Setting Custom notifications for Individual contacts:
    Here's the process:

    In the INBOX hit the top right settings gear.
    Hit the top right PLUS sign
    Name your alert - it does not have to be the name of the contact. This is something to identify the alert by.
    If you have more than one account on the phone choose which account this should apply to (the default is ALL)
    Hit the FROM area (I know! way too many unidentified "buttons" in android. You never know what you can interact with and what you can't! - full disclosure - I am a UX and UI designer )
    In the FROM area choose which contact you want to trigger the alert - you can choose as many as you want here to simultaneously trigger. Then hit DONE or the CHECKMARK top right (which ever appears - again, inconsistency in coding!)
    You can also choose SENT TO - so lets say you get emails from contact A but you only care about the ones that have been sent to contact B - you can add this functionality here. Same method as FROM.
    On the next line you can even choose a SUBJECT LINE. I use this for installations I have across the world. I get hourly "all good" notifications but occasionally there is a problem and I can set this area to trigger on a subject line that might say - "Problem". So the hourly messages go unreported and only the problem ones show up in the notifications for me.

    Advanced area: (hit the ADVANCED button)

    Adding to the above SENT TO setting you can also trigger only if you are in the CC instead of one of the main recipients. Given the sloppy email styles everyone has these days in their daily rush I doubt this will be very useful or consistent.

    There are other settings in ADVANCED that are pretty self explanatory.
    These settings trigger on what the message's settings are not what you want to do with them.

    Then hit the NEXT button (top right)
    Here you can turn the notification on and off without deleting the setup altogether.
    You can also set the type of annoyance when the message comes in. Keep in mind once you set the color here you won't be able to alter it without first renaming the alert.

    The HEADS UP setting is best explained here.

    The ENABLE LEVELS at the bottom I've never been able to get to work so I'm not sure if I'm not using them right or it's a poorly implemented feature.
    When done click the check mark top right

    Now go back into the alert you just edited (how dumb is this) and get to the NEXT screen. Hit EDIT NOTIFICATION SETTINGS at the top - yes, that's a button, not a title for the page.
    The resulting page is the notification settings for that particular contact. This is different from the ones you can set in the contact's edit page.
    Here you can set most of what you have already done (minus, inexplicably, the color of the LED) and at the bottom you can choose whether the alert will override the DO NOT DISTURB settings from the HOME SCREEN pull down menu. So you can have particular contacts bug you in the middle of the night while all others are sent packing.

    And that's it.
    A few caveats. (your mileage my vary).

    -BB can only do the LED colors it was originally designed for. Originally this had to do with the mixing die of the LEDs way back when (a green LED and red LED make yellow kind of thing) But these days it should be able to do any color since its a tri color LED in there (plus white) that can mix to pretty much any color. But not so much. So you are stuck with just RED GREEN BLUE MAGENTA YELLOW CYAN and WHITE.

    -The alert cannot override the volume control set by the phone's hardware keys. In BB's of old each contact has its own volume level that over-road the phones settings. "Hey BlackBerry - can we have that feature back?"
    So if you have the volume down, you won't hear the ping when the alert fires no matter what. The LED will still glow though.

    - Once the LED is lit from an alert it will say lit until a new notification comes in and changes the color.

    - You can have multiple "LED" dots on screen tell you all of who has contacted you and in any color you like but you have to use a third party app (LED BLINKER PRO - see my other posts on this app). The catch here is that it keeps your screen "on" to display the notifications and with BB's having LCDs with an all-on while-in-use backlight, that's going to chew through your battery. This app makes more sense (and works a treat on my Samsung S10) for OLEDs that only burn power for the pixels lit.
    09-07-19 12:56 PM
  6. AlKa's Avatar
    Thanks blackshark. Very helpful!
    09-07-19 02:10 PM
  7. blackshark's Avatar
    Still no luck on DND pass through for those contacts who have been assigned a DND override and set to do so in the custom alerts for the LED. Thanks Google. I'd love to hear the reasoning for this decision then pass it through Google translate and see if it comes up as either "lazy", "bad coding", or "oligarchy".
    10-09-19 07:35 PM
  8. blackshark's Avatar
    FINALLY a solution!!!!
    Its taken two different apps to accomplish what the BB did natively before it went android.
    First, turn off your custom alerts you can leave behind the Do Not Disturb.
    I'm back to using LED Blinker Pro, (the free one should work too) but to get over the Do Not Disturb problem LBP had (it couldn't override DND even though there was a setting for that) I've added Sound Profile into the mix. The idea here is that you never use the phone's DND option. Instead you make a profile inside Sound Profile that does the same thing but with way more control.

    A couple of tricks and caveats:
    When you load both of these apps they will automatically suggest you set up the notifications, battery and phone permissions - you will be prompted - and yes you must do all of these, but you have to add one more. In the phone's settings/apps and notifications/app permissions/contacts/ you set both of these Apps settings to ON.

    Even with the above turned on, LED Blinker pro cannot choose a color for a contact - it's a bug and a shame because this would make things easier. But you can instead make a new rule for each contact and for each app in LBP. Choose "Manage Smart Notification apps in LBP , choose an app and then enter a keyword by clicking the red text at the bottom of the Settings for that rule. I use the name of the contact that I am testing for. You can also choose to have the screen light up or not and whether a sound is made or not. Then once you save that you can choose a color for that "event"- you should only choose the colors that the BBK2 can do. These are the bright green, the pink on the left of the chooser, white, the dark royal blue, the cyan on the left of the chooser, the greeny yellow on the right of the chooser and red. If pick any other colors or make your own, the LED will blink either white, red or blue. Sadly you cannot name a rule, so they look generic in the main list. The only way you know which is the new one you just made is that its indicator is dark blue. But once open one you can see what the keyword is and then you know. (seems like an oversight that could easily be fixed)

    As for Sound Profile, You can make a new profile (rule) or use one of the existing ones and edit it. Unfortunately you can't really learn about what to set from the included profiles as the settings each has don't really bear any resemblance to how they are named. The idea is to turn off all sound notifications near the top of the profile setting (for an equivalent DND rule) and then turn on sounds in the exceptions down further. There are two sections for exceptions: Telephony and Notification Exceptions. I am using the native INBOX, Phone and Messages app so I make exceptions for all calls in the Telephony area but for everything else including texts, I use the Notification Exceptions area (even though it says to use the telephony area for SMS). Simply make a new exception, pick an app and enter a keyword like you did in LBP - again I use the contact's name. There are a whack of other settings in there to get the profile just right. Finally, you must turn the LED setting inside the profile to "no change". The app suggests turning this to ON and using Light Manager in concert with Sound Profile, however after leaving way too much forehead blood on the bricks, I found that while Light Manager did work, it never let the screen go to sleep and would wake the screen every 5 seconds with a notification that it was running - not good for the battery life. If you turned off the notification it turned off the whole point of the app.
    The stars you may have associated with certain contacts are not the same as the stars you can use in the profile here. The way this app looks at the contacts is self contained.

    About the only thing I can't figure out is how to make a Sound Profile profile appear in the swipe down menu where the wifi, do not disturb etc live. It would be nice to have a profile button in there to replace the DND button. But given where we've come from, I'm not being picky any more.

    If you're having troubles, leave a comment and I'll do my best to suggest a solution. It's been a long road.
    10-13-19 11:37 PM

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