12-06-19 03:21 PM
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    In addition TCL isn't Samsung... a lot of the drivers and software they use are all 3rd party stuff. They'd have to pay for all that work as well, and as we saw last year sometimes all that doesn't come together too well.

    TCL isn't a company know for updating phones... some of the reviewers question getting the PLEX as it's only on Android 9 and TCL history for updating isn't very good. (Now a "spokesperson" did say the PLEX would get Android 10 in January...) I'm surprised TCL didn't go the Android One route...

    As for BlackBerry Mobile Support... I expect they are a call center that handles a number of brands. What they know is what they are told and maybe gossip that isn't all that reliable. Like going to Walt Disney World and having a bus driver tell you about the next big thing that is coming... heck sometime they can't get the things that have been built already right.
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    12-06-19 03:21 PM
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