1. keltruax's Avatar
    I have a KEY 2 purchased at 1010 HK, and I absolutely love the phone. I use 3 as my Service provider and while in HK no issues whatsoever. However, when I travel outside of HK (now Korea, Singapore, Seattle, Germany, and Thailand) my phone will not come on when I turn off airplane mode after I land. If I remove the SIM card and then things are fine. Effectively with the sim card in, and a switch from airplane mode to normal mode/or a restart, the screen just stays black, but the phone is working in the background. Is this a software issue with the phone, a compatability issue with 3 HK, or what. Quite a pain in the A to have to switch my sim card to my Key 1 (which works fine) any time I travel. Any advice?
    09-15-18 08:21 AM
  2. keltruax's Avatar
    great news..all solved it was an APN change that had to be made with 3 HK to work our corporate security requirements. happy!
    09-21-18 11:37 PM
  3. Leo Leong's Avatar
    Hi keltruax, I have the same problem with an unlocked Key2 dual Sim on 3HK as my operator. Every time I roam and turn on mobile data the phone will hang and the screen goes totally black and unresponsive. It takes 30-120 seconds to recover, but the problem comes back regularly. It only happens during roaming, I have no issues using the phone while in HK.

    What APN do you use? I am on mobile.lte.three.com.hk
    10-22-18 03:40 AM
  4. derrick_lui's Avatar
    Hi there, I'm also having the same issue with my Key2. During roaming, and once you turn the data on..the immediately turns black. I've contacted my retailer and they are looking into the issue to see if they can help.
    11-21-18 09:10 PM
  5. bbforever888's Avatar
    Hi Keltraux et al, Ive been having exactly same problem since my KeyONE updated to Android OREO. Screen would go back and phone would crash when data roaming. No problem when in Hong Kong on 3HK. I got the Key2 thinking it would solve the problem but have exactly the same problem. Phone keeps crashing when data roaming on 3HK. I tried different SIM cards in the Key2 on data roaming and didn't have same problem. So its definitely something wrong with 3HK APN or other settings.

    Keltruax, would greatly appreciate if you could kindly inform how you fixed the APN settings on 3HK so that we could give it a try. Many thanks in advice!
    11-22-18 02:55 AM

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