1. fop518's Avatar
    I had the dual sim keyone and now I have a key2. Besides being noticeably faster, better bluetooth in my car and the nicer keyboard to type on... there is a noticeable difference in how the two phones handle the second sim network connection.
    On the keyone, only sim one would show LTE, sim 2 would be 4g (hspa etc). Switching primary data sims in the menu would trigger a full modem reset and take a bit for them to reconnect.
    The keytwo shows LTE on both sims and switching data sims is instantaneous. It makes a huge difference when switching data lines (I have to often as tmobile coverage near my work is bad).

    Anyways didnt see this mentioned. Figured id point it out.
    Also my dialer doesnt seem to allow for dial codes to show the hidden menus. Id love to find my build date but cant figure out another way to do it.

    Mine is a UK 128gb dual sim purchased used on amazon.co.uk and shipped to the us.
    05-14-19 06:10 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Pretty sure KEYone was dual-SIM standby while KEY2 was full on dual-SIM, which explains the difference between times.
    05-15-19 01:48 PM
  3. fop518's Avatar
    yah that must be it. I am not seeing a practical difference besides the instant switch. I could get calls and txts from both sims on my keyone and still limited to 1 data connect on the key2. so not sure the difference otherwise
    05-15-19 03:27 PM
  4. fop518's Avatar
    yes upon further reading that does seem to be the difference. dual active means 2 sim hardware receivers where dual standby means 1 hardware receiver and software time sharing. the keyone was 4g 4g dual standby at least.
    05-15-19 03:32 PM

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