1. Jon Hill67's Avatar
    No two ways about it, my BlackBerry Key2 gets a lot of attention when
    1) I use to pay and they see the blackberry logo.
    2) I lay it down on a table and I get asked what's that device, then the intrigue starts.

    > have to admit, I'm so glad TCL picked up the tab to manufacture these devices. Loving BlackBerry Key2 all the way all the day.

    Key3 wishlist.

    Maybe an oled screen, but either way extend the display within the same formfactor so as to have screen where the navigation icons are, and make the top chin thinner, maybe edge to edge as well.

    Stereo speakers.

    Water resistant.

    That's about it really.
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    03-16-19 06:05 AM
  2. zabalestmsm's Avatar
    Fantastic device this Key2, especially the Silver one, it is a beauty. I have to say it is the most beautiful looking device in the market currently (Silver one). It gets the job done as it fulfills the modern needs.
    03-16-19 06:36 AM
  3. mtalinm's Avatar
    I used to be more excited but I really miss the bigger screen. still can't understand why they didnt go with a larger/thinner form factor with larger pkb
    03-16-19 09:48 AM

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