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    So, if I could judge the overall enthusiasm? What do you think. Increased RAM would be good for multi-tasking. Any reports on Qualcomm 660?
    01-19-20 09:45 PM
  2. whatsever's Avatar
    KEY2 has lesser lag than KEYone but in overal use it's almost the same. I like both keyboard but in some way I like the keyone keyboard better. The worst part is that they never update the os but that is not even the worst , because that is the camera. It;s the worst camera ever in a BlackBerry since the last 5 year. It is a miss and hit camera , colors are sometimes complete wrong, sharpness and people face complete washed out if you use auto camera. Best use to make a picture of someone is to make the picture ,also do not selct there face because the software is smoothing it. So the camera could be good but the camera software sucks.

    Also the extra switch key between apps could be nice but must say never used it and the price is still high. I have the key 2 since 3 months but gone sale it , because the last few month a lot of pictures I take from people situation are so bad and not usable, and also when friends ask me to send these pictures also from my last goliday I feel ashame to send those wordt pictures.

    So I gone go for probarly a new device and maybe with a more camera and gone use BlackBerry HUB and Launcher and did that also for the wife. She got a mi 9 device and camera is good and she use blackBerry apps with gesture and swipe and it;s almost you work with a Z10 or Z30.

    I think TCL make bad choices in support and choice of some hardware. First it was the KEYone which had should come out with 4GB straight away, better support of the camera app and some other things, but still the cpu, battery life where good.

    The new device like the KEY2 was a small upgrade that goes worser then above and still don"t get it they never made a device with full screen and with gesture and swipe, so that you have a bigger screen use that was a better combo between keyboard device and full screen device. If TCL comes with another device is doubtfull and a era of BlackBerry hardware is since the last device deafing silent.


    I only gone go for a BlackBerry if it come out with a keyboard and full screen above , with a good dual camera and software , maybe use Google CAM and use same camera setup like the google pixel 4 and the snapdragon 730G for performance and 6GB RAM and still keep jack and sd card and for storage and of course android 10. Also if there will be a new BlackBerry it only can come from BlackBerry and not from TCL because there focus is not BlackBerry but there own brand TCL and Alcatel.
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    01-20-20 03:15 AM
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    I agree wholeheartedly with the gentleman above. The biggest issue for me is the straight garbage camera, I'm the type that doesn't really post many photos/vids, but when I do I just get disappointed in how washed out they look... Matter of fact, I can wager that DUE to how bad it is, my usage has called dramatically compared to my Note9 from before. But I enjoy the typing pleasure enough to keep it, but it's a negative that's big enough to point out for sure, especially considering the ridiculous price they offered the Key2 retail when it came out
    01-22-20 04:34 AM
  4. SalMan50's Avatar
    oh, also the lack of wireless charging bothers me a bit, but I can kinda maybe perhaps likely forgive it since it's a 2018 phone... But then there isn't much future proofing there: /
    01-22-20 04:35 AM
  5. falbo's Avatar
    I find the K2 to be overall a good phone and I'm happy using it. The battery life is great and the PKB shortcuts are fantastic. The pkb itself is ok but has issues with the swipe up of predictive text and space bar issues, doesn't always insert a period after the double tap.
    My K2 needs a restart most times I have Playstore updates.
    Bluetooth is working fine with my Galaxy smartwatch and speaker in car.
    The alt characters on the Pkb are poorly lite ,the speed key is awesome.
    I would have preferred a larger LED notification light and wireless charging.
    I use a Priv most of the time lately just as a test to try it out and I am more than happy to type on this as the K2.
    My k2 fits perfectly into the belt case for the priv. I'm hoping to get a couple more years out of both devices.

    Posted via my beautiful priv
    01-22-20 06:25 AM

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