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    Hi all, I went to my service provider Globe Telecom and ask them to replace my sim card cozz I think its defective. They did.

    After inserting new sim, I noticed Hub created a new entry of the same network name (and created a 3rd as well).

    One of them has all the "old" log under the old sim.
    Next one has all the "new" log after the new sim inserted
    The 3rd one is empty.

    I want to join all the call logs into just 1 complete log and delete the other 2 hub entry.... But dont know how. Help needed, tnx
    12-15-18 01:26 PM
  2. wasalph's Avatar
    Attched is crop screen shot... you can see 3 GLOBE entries

    How to join carrier call log and delete another in hub?-24678.jpg
    12-15-18 01:28 PM
  3. wasalph's Avatar
    12-15-18 01:37 PM
  4. wasalph's Avatar
    12-16-18 09:50 PM

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