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    How to Fix Display Resolution?-404sc.jpgHow to Fix Display Resolution?-355sc.jpg
    Today the viewable width of my screen mysteriously decreased in size and now my resolution is incorrectly proportioned. Comparing the screenshots of my home screen, notice the 3:55 pic has an elongated look due to the black bars. Changing the display settings hasn't corrected the issue, nor has restarting the phone.
    05-18-19 08:41 PM
  2. raghavsardana's Avatar
    If you have developer options on, then follow
    Settings>System>Developer Options>Screen Ratio
    this is to be set to default with the option turned off.
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    05-18-19 08:57 PM
  3. HeHates's Avatar
    I do. Screen ratio 16x9 was turned on. Display returned to normal after I switched it off. Thanks.
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    05-18-19 09:02 PM

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