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    I've got a Key2 as my daily driver, as I upgraded from a Priv some months ago. On the Priv I had installed a corporate timecard app named WebTADS (not installed from Google Play Store). Due to a policy change at my employer (no BYOD!) I can no longer use the app, so I'd like to delete it. Device search finds it and it will launch. However I can't seem to find it in the Play Store listing (recall I didn't install it from there).

    How might I delete it?
    02-11-19 11:23 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Press and hold on the icon, drag it to the 'Remove' option at the top. Alternatively, you can go to settings>apps, scoll to the bottom and tap on see all xxx apps, find it in the listing, tap on it and choose unninstall.
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    02-11-19 11:27 AM

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