1. bhj592's Avatar
    I am changing from a Windows950 where I use 22 Gb of the phones 32Gb and I have 34Gb of pictures/docs on a 64Gb SD card.
    I am purchasing a Key2 dual sim phone which precludes SD usage so will 64Gb be enough or should I persist to find a 128Gb version.
    To be concise, will the OS and a heavy load of apps use more than 20Gb of the phone memory? Will the other 35Gb be available for storage?
    11-24-18 08:32 AM
  2. psychofox13's Avatar
    It depends on what apps your using. You should be able to install as many as you need, and then some, without issue. If you use an SD Card, make sure your photos and music is saved there instead of to the phone's internal memory.

    Installable apps do not take up system storage. Installable apps use the same space as your files would. The only limit on app storage is the total space of the device (64GB or 128GB, after a portion is used for the Android OS).
    11-27-18 01:43 PM
  3. bhj592's Avatar
    Many thanks for your reply, I hope I have finessed this situation by eventually sourcing a 128GB model. I think I will be able to manage my storage within the device. Hopefully when I change again the next model will have a stand alone SD slot!
    11-30-18 11:58 AM
  4. bhj592's Avatar
    Hi, I have my new Key2 and it is up and running, of the 128Gb memory it is using 14.4Gb for system files and I have my preliminary setup using a further 8Gb. So for those that are interested I now know 128Gb was the right choice for me 22-25Gb for setup, 30-40Gb for files and photos and another 60Gb+ for the future. All going well.
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    12-10-18 12:53 PM

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