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    Yes, I am aware that there are various Bluetooth connection problems that Key2 owners are experiencing. I welcome anybody's thoughts on this one, which I haven't seen discussed at all:

    Up until now I haven't had any problems pairing my Key2 with other devices. This week, I paired it with a rental car and also with an Anker Soundcore speaker. No problems.

    When I turned the rental car in I lost my head and deleted ALL my Bluetooth connections. I now cannot pair the phone with my own car. It doesn't see it. I notice that when I am attempting to pair it, it can see other nearby devices but oddly, not other nearby cars. Like, it sees people's headphones, TVs, PCs etc. as I am driving along but not my car or other cars. It's like there's a setting for cars (or maybe phone calls?) that isn't turned on correctly. But I can't find any such settings to adjust.

    I tried an app called Bluetooth Auto Connect and it didn't help.

    It just now paired easily with my laptop. It just doesn't see the car, which used to be its BFF.

    Am I just missing some Bluetooth Settings screen? Does this fall into the big pot of Bluetooth Problems We Hope Will Be Fixed in The Next Update?

    07-19-19 02:52 PM
  2. tmommy's Avatar
    Weirdly, I managed to fix it this evening. So if you, like me, can't get you phone to connect to your car, here's what I did: I found a screen on the car that showed all the devices that the car had ever been connected to. I deleted them all. On that same screen was an option to scan for nearby devices. I realized when I scanned I did not have the phone in pairing mode, so when I put it into pairing mode the car asked me if I wanted to pair it, and the car appeared on the phone (for the first time) as a possible device to pair with. So it then just paired like normal and I could use the phone and listen to music as usual. I don't know what it did, but I am going to be careful about deleting profiles from the phone. So basically the key thing is to delete the profiles from the car, and put the phone in pairing mode second. Anyway, it works.
    07-19-19 06:50 PM

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