1. sorgo's Avatar
    I am not able to figure out the settings needed for Google assistant.
    What I want:
    1) Google voice recognition for "okay Google" only while driving
    2) prefer keyboard input For Google assitant
    3) disable "okay Google" recognition when not running Android auto

    I tried to disable remove the microphone permission for Google app, this was good for being able to use Google assistant for typing commands to control Google home. Unfortunately in the car while driving, it only told me to grant permissions when it's safe (car parked).

    If I grant the permissions, the phone always detects the keyword when unlocked. This is not comfortable (and battery friendly).

    I was thinking using some automation such as tasker, but it looks like granting and removing permissions is possible only on rooted devices.

    Thanks for help and/or ideas.
    02-04-19 10:16 PM

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