1. wiz9's Avatar
    I am having extremely bad issues with google assistant. (IT IS OFF!).

    When i plug in my headphones, it activates something. I start my music, and it just randomly goes CRAZY. Changes tracks, sound up and down, maybe some google assistant narration between tracks, or some text about the assitant comes up at the top and bottom of the sceen and I cant get it off. And the assistant is OFF, so I dont even know why its doing this.

    If i turn off the music player (I use Black Music Player) it turns it back on on its own.

    t's so frustrating im about to break my phone. I cant even use it for music at this point. IT happened once in a while a few months ago, but now its constant.

    What do I do?
    04-13-19 11:49 PM
  2. SM002's Avatar
    Sounds like there is a fault on the headphones or headphone jack. Have you tried different headphones? I would suggest trying different headphones, if this doesn't work then try Bluetooth headphones. In that way you will narrow down where the fault is.
    04-14-19 01:42 AM

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