1. crackoffabuttcrack's Avatar
    Just wondering what type of options Blackberry provides us for night time use. Whether its dimming or switching off entirely.

    07-06-18 05:00 PM
  2. Spunton_Duddley's Avatar
    Currently those backlight options are not available that I know of.

    The KEYone keyboard backlight is significantly brighter than the KEY2 backlight. For me, I can easily see both and neither of them bother me at all. They do not present any problems for me either way. that's just me and my experience, opinion. We need options for everybody though.

    With all that being said, there are some things I want BlackBerry Mobile to implement that I believe people would really enjoy:

    - ability to change levels of brightness like you can for the display, but for the keyboard backlight LEDs

    - ability to change the keyboard backlight LEDs between a series of colors in whatever range or however many options like red, green, blue perhaps - along with the default white (the same for the capacitive nav keys)

    - offer more trackpad options when one double taps the capacatie keyboard to enter 'fine cursor control' mode like a pointer

    Kindest Regards
    07-08-18 01:32 AM

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