1. babugaru1's Avatar
    I know that capacitive touch won't work properly on some of the apps like twitter, tapatalk etc.

    I did some R&D and found the fix for the issue

    What all that we need to do is

    1. Disable blackberry keyboard from settings
    2. Install swift keyboard
    3. Set it as default

    That's all, please check and let me know

    PS: We may loose gestures to delete word with this. I'm checking if gesture support is there.
    01-22-19 07:13 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Don't change the keyboard when using a KEY device. Funny things will start happening, and you'll lose functionality.

    I have no issues in the apps you list.
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    01-22-19 08:01 AM
  3. TheBond's Avatar
    Same as @conite, I have no issues with those apps either.
    Besides that scrolling, swipe to delete are essential part of my Key² use. Moreover Swiftkey doesn't work properly with the layout of the keyboard in all times. Not the best of solutions.
    01-22-19 08:31 AM