02-03-19 04:59 AM
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  1. Smokeaire's Avatar
    Finger print scanner on my right thumb is working flawlessly but finger print scanner on my left thumb never works though I tried registering many times. Any help?
    Previous to installing the January update with a full autoloader wipe my KEY² fingerprint scanner was perfect. After the install and after I setup both thumbs the scanner worked intermittently. I went through several setups with the same result. Then it hit me. I wasn't scanning my thumbs in the position I naturally put or rest the thumbs on the scanner/space key. So I did it again. This time picking up the phone and letting my thumbs fall where they naturally lay. It worked. Now it works every time.
    I would give that a try. Don't concentrate too hard on it.
    02-03-19 04:59 AM
26 12

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