1. wasalph's Avatar
    just recently, my key2 acting weird under bb Hub+Inbox. Most but not all call log got double entries, affecting both outgoing and incoming calls even on miss calls.

    but again not all, and there seems to have no pattern which ones will go double and which ones not.

    Phone dialer recent call list doesnt have any double entry though.

    and whats weirder... when this first started, all incoming calls double entries comes with 1 missed call and 1 incoming call, even if there wasnt any miss call at all.

    reset and 32secs reset done but still the same.

    PS: i have to add that i am using the Google Dialer 40.0.2759 instead of the stock bb dialer.
    11-14-19 05:23 AM
  2. tliolos's Avatar
    I was looking for an answer as well. My contact list looks great - my phone dialer has 2 entries for each person. I only have one account (my exchange Server) populating my contacts
    11-14-19 05:53 AM

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