1. Polly Vermeet's Avatar
    Does the dual sim key2 support rSAP (remote sim access protocol) just like the key1 does ?
    Can't find the info anywhere .

    I need it to connect the phone to my car over bluetooth .
    07-05-18 11:14 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Every Android BlackBerry device has thus far, can't see why they'd strip it out of KEY2. That's obviously not a 'yes, it does' but I would be surprised if it was gone.
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    07-05-18 02:47 PM
  3. Polly Vermeet's Avatar
    Ok I didn't know that every android phone had it . Good to know so yes it would indeed be logical for the keytwo to also have rSAP support .

    When I asked Blackberry some time ago which of their new phones (android ones) had rSAP support , it took them quite some time to come up with an answer . Answer was , only motion supports it . But when asking again -because I don't want an "all screen phone" at all- , they came up with the keyone which would also support it .
    Seems like they don't know themselves that every of their android phones support it ? Because that would have made their answer much simpler and faster , instead of having to go to advanced technical support

    Also I think Blackberry should list it in the phone specs . It is a definate plus over other brands to have rSAP .
    I know some ppl that gave up searching for rSAP supported phones and just went with the inferior bluetooth audio on other phones .
    If the specs don't list it , people think the phone doesn't have it (which is logical actually) .

    Besides that , these premium bluetooth things in the car (needed for rSAP) are not cheap and are often a one way street . Meaning if you go for premium bluetooth , you miss out on regular bluetooth audio functionality (like wireless charging for example) . So you're not having it installed , just "to try and see" if the phone will work with it .
    07-09-18 06:12 AM
  4. Polly Vermeet's Avatar
    I have discovered something new , Samsung S9/S9+ supports rSAP but apparently NOT on their dual sim versions . They have no intention to fix rSAP on their dual sim models because as they say on the forums "not enough people complained about it" .

    So the question is : does rSAP work on the dual sim Blackberry key2 ?

    If someone has the dual sim and has rSAP in his car , please let us know .

    I for one will not be buying the dual sim key2 before i know 100% it works on the dual sim version .

    Right now my Passport works flawlessly on rSAP in my car , but the Passport is single sim and I could use a dual sim phone since i need to have 2 simcards and 2 phones right now .
    07-18-18 02:48 AM

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