1. endiadi77's Avatar
    Can anybody suggest some apps to check android vulnerabilities? I have often used Norton Halt but it is pretty obsolete by now. Do you know anything similar? In ancient times I have also employed bluebox security scanner but it is really part of the first android era.
    08-13-20 07:11 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Problem is it can only be done with root access, and few want to allow that.... you can't with the KEY2. And even then it's almost impossible as Android is much more secure today than it was even five years ago.... when some of those root tools were "popular".

    Which is why the experts today can only recommended keeping your phone fully updated and patched and only use Google Play for apps (that's not 100% safe either).

    You can view info on sites about found vulnerabilities in Android... but it's hard to sift though them to figure out do they apply to your version of Android or to the hardware used in your phone?
    08-13-20 09:01 AM

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