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    In the INBOX I've got some custom notification alerts for certain contacts that set the LED color and are set to override DND. I've also got some custom notification alerts for certain contacts that set the LED color, but that have been set to NOT override DND. I have also used the Starred function and included that indicator in the Do not Disturb prefs.

    The above works great for emails. But for texts and phone calls, any contact that has a notification alert set and has the DND override turned off still gets through anyway. Is there a trick to get this to work right or is it that the text app (messages) and phone app are separate now from the inbox (formerly the HUB - and I just realized: is this why it's not called the HUB anymore because that would be false advertising?)

    Another way I could get this to work is to assign a silent ring tone. When picking ring tones you can set the master ring tone to silent but not for individual contacts when choosing their ring tone. Can that be done? Why is are the two ringtone lists different by only that one ringtone?
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    09-27-19 04:31 PM

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