1. eylee's Avatar
    Hi all. Need some up. I bought a China Key2 (I wanted 2 sims) and I followed the Berrylink setup. As I am setting things up, certain things are not working:-

    a) I don't have the "backup / restore" menu item in the Password keeper any more. (same version number on my KeyOne and Key two)

    b) Whatsapp, can't seem to access Google Drive. Am I missing something or some permission I forgot to setup?

    really puzzling.
    07-07-18 03:52 AM
  2. Spunton_Duddley's Avatar
    I've been wrong before and somebody else might have a better answer, but the first thing that pops into my mind is:

    China uses their own version of Google called Baidu. Perhaps the China devices Password Keeper app cannot use Google Drive for backup and needs an update for another option. Hence removed from the same app version number, but just for Chinese market devices.

    Just a guess because I have a feeling Google cannot operate in China the same way they do in North America or elsewhere. Therefore Android for the Chinese market might have to be modified. This could be the result of that.

    I don't know for sure, but somehow that's what popped into my pea brain after reading your post.
    07-07-18 04:19 AM
  3. chw6922's Avatar
    to op, I had similar decision dilemma prior to purchase. I ended up buying two key2 in China, while working there. now, the phone has been more than two weeks and I have not experienced one single problem regarding sync with Google related apps. in fact, I am quite happy cuz the fact I have both world in terms of practicality. my suggestion is to reinstall GSM pkg and see how it goes. good luck
    07-07-18 05:04 AM
  4. eylee's Avatar
    Do you see the "goggledrive" icon on your key2 Password Keeper so that it shows it back's up??? I don't have the my Key2 but I see it on my KeyOne which is a US version..... geez... having trouble.
    07-07-18 05:34 AM
  5. Spunton_Duddley's Avatar
    Good, I'm wrong. Thankfully because it would be weird if what I said was the case.
    07-07-18 06:45 AM
  6. mrbbsecurity's Avatar
    Google Play services is disabled on China variant BlackBerry devices. So backup option is hidden in Password Keeper as a result.
    07-08-18 08:07 PM
  7. zhuyan's Avatar
    i have the china version and i do have the backup function to google drive in whatsapp. the only thing i cant seem to find a solution is to use "OK Goolge" for google assistant.

    Where did you download your whatsapp? is it from Google Play directly or side loaded from somewhere else?
    07-09-18 04:51 AM
  8. RazzyRas's Avatar
    Did you restore your Whatsapp from a google drive backup?

    I have some similar issues as eylee. I can't test the whatsapp restore as I moved from an iPhone - but other google drive backups don't seem to be working or don't exist e.g. password keeper.

    Also, can you check if your backups (overall, not just whats'app) are happening in google drive? My google drive backup does not toggle on and when I try to access backup settings via the google drive app, it doesn't do anything.
    07-09-18 08:48 AM
  9. matngkl's Avatar
    may I know if the users who have posted above - have the issues been resolved?

    wonder if there are other problems faced by users of the China model with Google installed...
    07-19-18 11:05 AM
  10. RazzyRas's Avatar
    Nope. Problem still exists - just have to live with it for now until they update the loaders I guess. The google drive backup is the only issue I have faced. Everything else works fine. The funny thing is the issue only exists on key2 with Oreo. I have a China keyone using same gms loader and can do the backups.
    07-19-18 11:22 AM
  11. matngkl's Avatar
    Nope. Problem still exists - just have to live with it for now until they update the loaders I guess. The google drive backup is the only issue I have faced. Everything else works fine. The funny thing is the issue only exists on key2 with Oreo. I have a China keyone using same gms loader and can do the backups.
    Is the google drive backup problem for password keeper or for whatsapp?
    07-19-18 11:28 AM
  12. RazzyRas's Avatar
    The problem lies in password keeper for me, but overall you can't enable google drive backup for the phone.

    I am able to separately enable whatsapp backup to google drive so that part is OK so far. I have heard there have been issues restoring whatsapp from drive but I hadn't encountered that.
    07-21-18 02:36 AM
  13. matngkl's Avatar
    Could u share how to enable Google backup and restore for whatsapp?
    07-21-18 02:38 AM
  14. Geoffry Samuel's Avatar
    hi, i also bought my key2 from china, anyone succeed to install google playstore? i'm so desparate trying to install it. as the result now my camera is not working at all
    07-21-18 11:38 AM
  15. RazzyRas's Avatar

    You have to download this loader and follow the instructions. I've been using this since the keyone. No issues for most of the google applications except as mentioned above.
    07-22-18 01:59 AM
  16. RazzyRas's Avatar
    If you just go into what's app and then the chat settings you will be able to enable google back up - how you would with any other android phone
    07-22-18 02:00 AM
  17. matngkl's Avatar
    Thanks for all the advice given. I have successfully managed to get it done!
    07-22-18 03:31 AM
  18. Geoffry Samuel's Avatar
    Thank you, but if the loader failed, is it safe for the phone?
    07-22-18 08:45 AM
  19. matngkl's Avatar
    hi there, does anyone have issues receiving notifications on the China Key2? I notice that notifications does not come in, especially after an app is "killed" and notifications will only show when I re-open the app.

    I have experienced similar issues in the past for xiaomi phones and there is a way to get round the problem which is mostly due to aggressive ram/battery management. but so far I have not been able to resolve this for the china Key2.

    Any advice would be most appreciated... Thanks!
    07-23-18 07:44 AM
  20. RazzyRas's Avatar
    Haven't come across this exact issue - although I suspect I may be experiencing something similar with Inbox. Which app are you using?
    07-23-18 09:31 AM
  21. matngkl's Avatar
    whatsapp and telegram mostly...
    07-23-18 11:16 AM
  22. Geoffry Samuel's Avatar
    hi, i'm really desparate trying to install google playstore on my china key2. after so many trial, now my camera is not working. "camera unavailable" anybody can help me with this? thanks
    07-31-18 04:10 AM

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