1. Paul Magill's Avatar
    Have had a good online search for solutions but haven't found anything yet.
    One day, was happily sending and receiving emails, the next I got nothing.

    I am getting emails okay on my computer, they are just not showing up on Blackberry email or Hub.
    I am getting all my phone calls and texts through okay.

    The only thing I did that was different, is the day before I send about 30 single emails with pictures, to myself, of my dads car I was selling, and then picked them up when back at my desk on my computer.
    Then next day, emails not showing.

    I was for a short time, able to send emails from my Blackberry, but now I cant.
    Maybe that is a clue.

    Their is always a possibility that I have made a "pocket" change to my settings.
    As I often have my phone in my pocket, and make pocket phone calls or change the odd setting.
    Maybe I did that.

    I have had a good look through my Blackberry Key2 setting in regard to Emails and Hub.
    But cant really see anything obvious.

    One other thing is that I do have a weird message come up called:
    "Call Management" Forbidden 110200201005001
    Which then goes to "Wi Fi Calling".
    I thought maybe I had changed that setting to cause the issue.
    But I have tried that on all connection preferences and that does nothing.

    The problem for me in NZ, and possibly a lot of Blackberry users, is that we are a special breed.
    Not many people use them, and I had to order this one from overseas, as no one supplies them in NZ.
    There is no "Blackberry Support" people I can see, no one knows about them.

    Any clues or tips ?
    09-03-19 09:19 PM
  2. erose75's Avatar
    Trying clearing the cache for hub+ services. 2nd option would be 32 second reboot. 3rd, try deleting your email accounts from hub and re-add them. Hopefully one of these will work.
    09-03-19 10:02 PM
  3. Paul Magill's Avatar
    I guess I am a bit old school, and just expect these things to keep working as set up without having to manage the phone.

    Thanks for your help Erose75 and I found out where the cache was and deleted it from both text and "hub+ servives".
    Then I googled the 32 second reboot and tried that.
    Still cant sent emails, its weird aye, how couldn't receive emails first but could send.
    Then was not able to send emails with photo's.
    Then to now, not being able to send or receive.
    Its like a gradual melt down.

    I am a bit worried about deleting my email accounts from hub as I am not sure I am able to re-add them.

    Do you mean go into Apps and notifications, ......

    I seem to have lost Blackberry Hub completely now.

    Righto, I better go and spend some time to try and get it back now
    09-05-19 11:06 PM
  4. Paul Magill's Avatar
    Thanks Erose, all workin g now, much appreciated.

    very happy chappy
    SeeBeeEss likes this.
    09-11-19 05:25 PM

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