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    This is the weirdest thing that I have just discovered. Any link containing apple.news or even just the text "apple.news" is picked up as a link and when sent from ios to android blackberry key2 it is NEVER RECEIVED. I am on AT&T with my blackberry and have tested it from my friends iphone on verizon and from google voice just trying to send a text sms message saying "apple.news" but it never gets received by the blackberry! We sent it to a buddy with an S9+ and he got the link just fine, so seems to only be the blackberry I guess...I chekced the DTEK security app and didn't see anything being filtered or blocked on texts. I'm using Textra app but I checked the native messages and it never shows up there either. We confirmed with screenshots and yes I restarted. Does anyone else have this issue? and then the obvious question, WHY?!
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    07-27-18 05:33 PM
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    It appears this was fixed in a recent update.
    09-05-18 07:54 PM

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