1. guillaumeiii's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I am a recent owner of a Qwertz dual-sim black Key2. So far very happy with this phone, but yesterday i tried pairing it with a Bluetooth (Bose) speaker and it seems like the BT on (my?) the Key2 sucked.
    Everything was fine when the phone was next to the speaker, but when my body was between both devices, or my hands fully covering the phone, music shuddered or simply stopped, the signal being probably cut. The same happened when using the phone out of sight (in another room but still close to the speaker).
    I never experienced such a problem with the speaker, or with another phone.

    Is this an isolated case, or is the BT signal that weak on the Key2?
    Also, let me precise that I use the phone without a case.

    Thanks for your help,
    08-06-18 04:06 AM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    I have two bose devices and both work great with my key2.
    08-06-18 06:13 AM
  3. hvacigar's Avatar
    I would like to see an ability to trade some battery for stronger signal. It is a physical barrier (body) thing when the phone is in my pocket. Otherwise, I can walk to the coffee machine in my office with my phone on my desk and it is fine with my LG headset (about 50 ft). My Galaxy Note 8 did not have these problems.
    08-06-18 08:36 AM
  4. Dino84's Avatar
    I had this exact problem with my Key One and Bose headphones. And I was not alone, according to the Bose forums. Its a very prevalent issue but Bose wont acknowledge the issue, which is most likely a hardware fault such as a weak antenna.

    As far as I know the Key Two should have Bluetooth 5.0, and I was hoping this would solve my previous issues with Bose.

    I think we can rule out the source device at this point. Most likely Bose products simply suck.
    08-06-18 08:59 AM
  5. bsommerhalder's Avatar
    I have an issue where, if my WiFi signal is weak or if the phone is searching for WiFi, my BT connectivity suffers greatly. Not sure why or how these are related, but I'm currently in a back and forth with BlackBerry support about it.
    08-07-18 08:05 AM
  6. JAL1's Avatar
    Look for the Key2 review by Michael Moniz on YouTube. He goes over this problem extensively.
    08-07-18 08:11 AM

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