1. Tomy S's Avatar
    I am really irritated that I have no control over privacy with Blackberry going to the Android OS. I have to grant access to all photos, contacts, and DNA. This is a bummer.

    Blackberry, please make a new OS that truly supports apps, but can let you TRULY restrict access to photos and contacts unless they are in something like a public folder.

    Don't forget to add a track pad , hang up and call buttons.

    Your Blackberry fans will greatly appreciate it!
    10-10-18 06:28 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I have to grant access to all photos, contacts, and DNA.
    No you don't.. but your lack of detailed info in regards to what exactly you're referring to doesn't leave much room to help you. You can adjust permissions as you see fit, you can download less privacy intrusive apps if you prefer, there's plenty you can control when you take the time to explore.
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    10-10-18 10:05 PM

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