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    I am just very curious as to why there is so little participation from BlackBerry and TCL on this forum. A sponsored site I believe. I mean, with so many threads with stated and common issues, their silence is deafening! Sure, on rare occasions someone will chime in, however, the participation level is puzzling! Now, before we have a flood of comments how they are very busy, under manned, over-worked and under paid, etc, etc... For me, I would check any platform site before making a major purchase, what do people see when they come here? They see, because of human nature, many issues threads with massive amounts of speculation and very little stakeholder participation. Now I understand that most sites are like this, should we not be different, better, more business like? Heck, we don't even have an inside track for info. Don't get me wrong, many talented members are happy to help, however, again, most is speculation.

    What happened to the title? Where did "amp;" come from? Can a moderator please fix title. Thanks,
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    01-17-19 05:06 PM
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    At least I'm glad that when they do respond, they give actual helpful answers, unlike some other companies (I'm looking at you, Microsoft!) where employees keep giving the same automated, unhelpful responses on their forums.

    But I agree that more participation would be nice.
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    01-17-19 05:17 PM
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    @LiamQ and @max-bb are pretty regularly around though @BlackBerry Mobile appearances are pretty rare.

    Whatever issues users have, legit or not, must always be reported through the official support channels and whenever possible are also supported directly by the devs here on CrackBerry.

    Though CrackBerry is a place to post issues, it is really not designed as a ticketing support system and quite honestly if @BlackBerry Mobile starts participating in every thread that speaks to one issue or another it can become pretty overwhelming to track on their end.

    That being said, I would expect @BlackBerry Mobile to contribute and participate when issues are legitimately proven by users, confirm them and ascertain their customers that resolution is under way.
    01-17-19 05:18 PM

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