01-01-19 07:20 AM
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  1. babugaru1's Avatar
    Yes, it’s saved multiple screens in my family not just BB hardware. Look for 9H tempered glass. Been worth it for me.... good luck
    12-31-18 08:16 AM
  2. gsgdadgasg's Avatar
    The new soft silicone shell.
    I've got that one as well. The top 2 edges are damaged / missing after 3 months of use (no drops).
    01-01-19 06:51 AM
  3. SuperFister's Avatar
    I still rock my OEM beige pouch from my Key1, which is actually a pouch for the PRIV.

    and it still rules. why? I love the phone in its design.

    though sometimes I love put a red case on it, because I love red!

    you guys should try the OEM pouch for the PRIV. it really rocks

    01-01-19 07:20 AM
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