1. dorian9's Avatar
    I bought Apple Type-C to 3.5 mm, and try to turn on music with this device, and and there is no sound. Watched developers settings, Audio over USB turned on, music plays, but no sound, and if change volume, it changing "Ring" volume. If i use passive type-c to 3.5(ugreen), sound goes from phone's speaker.

    Have any ideas how i can use apple adapter, or what i need to buy?(in same price ~$10). May by any software from Google Play, or switch somthing in seetings?
    01-11-19 07:07 AM
  2. jcrutchvt2010's Avatar
    If you want a good quality pair of pure usb-c headphones, I recommend the oneplus bullets. They are 20 us dollars and a steal at that price in my opinion. Been using them on my Key2.
    01-11-19 05:06 PM

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