1. willyq711's Avatar
    Greetings CB,

    So I really have NEVER had any use for the new Speed Key on the lower rt part of the keyboard on the Key2. However, I could REALLY use the [CONTROL] function for many instances while using apps and typing, primarily the CONTROL-Z function. I know we can re-assign the "$" key to such a function, but I use this key just about every time I'm typing an email as the Dollar ($) key/sign is an ongoing symbol for use in my business throughout the day. I tried re-assigning to CONTROL, but just wasn't worth it as I use "$" like 10 times more frequently.

    I wish we had more function use of this key. I even tried using Button Mapper, which I already use for my Convenience Key, but it doesn't have the ability to assign a function such as CONTROL. It does recognize the Speed Key (Key #119 ), but can only assign the typical App, Action or Shortcut.

    Any idea??
    06-22-19 02:06 PM
  2. RK_BB's Avatar
    Assigned '$%B' as 'ss' in your word substitution list; every time you will need to enter $ simply type 'ss' and it will be converted accordingly.

    Now you can keep your currency key as CTRL.

    Problem solved
    06-22-19 03:32 PM
  3. RonZed10's Avatar
    Or you can use the "swipe down" feature on the keyboard to enable the sign panel...it has been a pretty natural function for me ever since I assigned the $ key to the notification shade.
    06-22-19 11:22 PM

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