1. Rgrblue's Avatar
    what apps should be optimized on Key2 for best performance?
    currently all my Blackberry Apps are optimized and I have not optimized Inbox -not sure- but seems to let mails arrive faster when Not Optimized. Anyone with any suggestions would be welcome.
    also an explanation of what Optimizing apps actually does would be helpful.
    My battery has been trying super fast lately so have closed all apps in the background - does this help?
    11-27-20 06:36 PM
  2. wasalph's Avatar
    i optimized all apps, but some apps i use kept on going back to not optimized by itself including wechat and glympse.

    ill try to not optimize INBOX and see if it does solve the email delay problem, thanks for that tip.
    11-27-20 07:03 PM
  3. AnemonePrune's Avatar
    To answer your question @Rgrblue, optimization reduce background activities of the apps. For example, when I optimize the BB inbox, delivery of my emails was delayed of 10 minutes. Also, if you don't use an app for three days, the app enters sleep mode and don't do anything in the background until you relaunch it.
    If you have poor battery life, try to disable GPS or Bluetooth if you don't need it. The power center can also give you advice on how to save power on your device.
    11-29-20 06:45 PM
  4. Rgrblue's Avatar
    thanks for the info. does optimizing apps help the key2 in anyway?not sure I fully understand if optimising is better for the phone performance or not.
    I have not optimized Inbox or Blackberry Hub and Services for now as it seems to prevent mails arriving to Inbox quickly.
    11-30-20 02:09 AM
  5. Rgrblue's Avatar
    even with inbox and bbhub not optimized - it appears that my aol emails do not come in for exactly 10 minutes- but gmail come in almost instantly.
    anyone have any ideas of a fix for this would be most welcome.
    12-01-20 09:06 PM
  6. wasalph's Avatar
    from Nov28 i didnt optimize INBOX to see if emails come in faster... to my dismay, it still the same delay. So back to optimizing INBOX now.
    12-05-20 10:56 PM

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