1. Jim Nicosia's Avatar

    Finally got a Key2; been using a BB Classic for several years now. However I cannot find an easy way to transfer between them. My internet searches have been fruitless, but I am not high tech to begin with which is probably why I have had a classic so long...

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    03-13-19 10:52 PM
  2. nighguy's Avatar
    You can use the BlackBerry Content Transfer app. Download the app on both phones & follow the instructions
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    03-13-19 11:53 PM
  3. Chris_R's Avatar
    I had the same issue recently. However, be prepared that the calender entries may be transferred into an account called Content Transfer in calendar, and not to your Gmail account.
    So I had two accounts and had to transfer all appointments by hand to Gmail.

    Not sure how to describe it better.
    03-14-19 04:31 AM

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