1. David Wood3's Avatar
    hey folks, got a problem with google play music...
    have a look
    and yes, I've done factory reset etc..........
    1 google play music - settings menu in American English "equaliser"
    2 Equalizer in Canadian/uk english once inside. but bottom half in norwegian...
    Attached Thumbnails anybody else? google play music Equalizer half in Norwegian-16259.jpg  
    07-11-18 07:56 AM
  2. David Wood3's Avatar
    mobile view, other screen shot not showing so gotta comment again
    Attached Thumbnails anybody else? google play music Equalizer half in Norwegian-16258.jpg  
    07-11-18 07:57 AM
  3. David Wood3's Avatar
    I found out what the issue is with this...
    Blackberry doesn't agree with setting up your device as English (Canada)...

    here's my last email to the "support" team

    Hello, you will not like this email...

    after doing some testing with another Blackberry key2 device, I have found where the issue happens...

    From what I found out, it tells me you didn't do your job with trying to troubleshoot and replicate the issue...

    1) when setting up a brand new Key2 - choose English Canada

    As the initial language of choice.

    2) you can skip all the sign up options if you like to speed up the replication.

    3) go into google music options and go to settings

    You will notice the word for the equalizer is spelled "Equaliser"... American spelling

    4) go into the equalizer and the bottom half of the app is in Norwegian... and the equalizer will have the correct title.

    To have a TEMPORARY fix to this issue... you MUST factory reset the device.

    1) Choose English (United States)

    2) do your set up of the device (with or without a Sim card or account)

    3) Google Music will now have the correct spelling on the settings menu "Equalizer"

    4) The Equalizer will now be titled "Snapdragon Audio+" and the bottom half will be in English...


    Sorry, but it really pissed me right off when I believe a tech support person didn't even really bother trying to find this bug.

    I'm going to send this through some other channels to see what will be done..

    I believe this issue should be escalated to the devs/code writers ASAP"
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    07-11-18 03:47 PM
  4. David Wood3's Avatar
    So here are the screen shots (hopefully working)
    anybody else? google play music Equalizer half in Norwegian-screenshot_20180711-130627.jpg
    anybody else? google play music Equalizer half in Norwegian-screenshot_20180711-130646.jpg
    07-11-18 03:57 PM
  5. David Wood3's Avatar
    BTW, the Google Music app is not the only app with this integration issue with Canadian English.. it also applies to Google Movies, and 2 others...
    07-11-18 04:12 PM
  6. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Odd. I'll run through this later and see if I can replicate it. Though, kind of hard to say who deserves the blame here lol. I mean, it's Google Play Music, not BlackBerry Play Music. Sounds like the core issue might be the language packs more so than anything else.
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    07-11-18 04:13 PM
  7. David Wood3's Avatar
    found the issue... the phone has to be displayed in English (United States)..

    if you wanna replicate without resetting... try going to the following

    Settings -> System -> Languages & input -> then go Languages.
    this will put you into Language preferences.

    swap them intermittently to test
    Attached Thumbnails anybody else? google play music Equalizer half in Norwegian-screenshot_20180712-143217.jpg   anybody else? google play music Equalizer half in Norwegian-screenshot_20180712-143833.jpg  
    07-12-18 02:39 PM

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