1. William Reed1's Avatar
    Excellent device. Don't want to write a long post...but I will say I am very satisfied with the Key 2. Switched from an iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black.

    I would say this device is 98% perfect for my needs. My only recommendations are as follows:

    (1) My screen momentarily flickers when transitioning windows. It looks like it is adjusting the brightness based on the window color. It is annoying - and if it can be fixed via a software update - this would be very helpful. I emailed Blackberry to make them aware of the issue.

    (2) Calendar app is laggy and needs some work.

    (3) Further polish on Android OS. Not as high-quality as Apple iOS. I know this is Google specific...but figured I would comment on it anyways.

    Other than these couple issues...thrilled with this device. Hardware is amazing and very high-quality, keyboard is great and software is fast. Home run by BlackBerry in my opinion. Great job!
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    10-27-18 01:36 PM
  2. Vistaus's Avatar
    (1) Not experiencing this issue.
    (2) Calendear app is smooth for me, but I agree that it needs polish, esp. the create/edit screen which looks unorganized and when you expand additional options, even cluttered.
    (3) Agreed.
    10-27-18 01:46 PM
  3. bbone99's Avatar
    1) don't you have night mode turned on? try to disable it it the problem persists.
    10-27-18 02:21 PM
  4. Jon Hill67's Avatar
    I had the screen flicker issue on mine. it's appears to have gone now. I'm running build version AB1067. my brightness is on maximum.
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    10-28-18 02:45 AM
  5. Bob80220's Avatar
    I had the screen flicker issue on mine. it's appears to have gone now. I'm running build version AB1067. my brightness is on maximum.
    I experienced the slight screen flicker as well occasionally initially but like you after the ABI067 update is appears to have stopped.

    I have my screen brightness set at 50% and it's been adequate for me with Adaptive Brightness on.

    I haven't had any issues with the BlackBerry Calendar App that I'm noticing. All seems to be good.

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    10-28-18 07:42 AM
  6. OMGitsRLR-1's Avatar
    Regarding the Screen Flickering, I've not had this issue in the past, however what I have done is Turn Off Window Transition Animations in Developer Options - speeds up the OS nicely and might actually reduce/stop that issue, perhaps?
    10-28-18 09:52 AM

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